Hearing on the Human Right to Water in the US

The Red Water Pond Road Community has been invited to testify before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the Right to Water in the US. Edith Hood, Peterson Bell and Teracita Keyanna will be traveling to DC on Oct 20 and meeting with the NM Congressional Delegation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Watch the live-stream broadcast of the hearing:  http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/default.asp

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Think Outside the Mine – Part 2

4th Annual Uranium Film Festival

October 8, from 6 pm to 8 pm

Future Foundations Family Center,  551 Washington Ave Grants, NM 87020

Uranium Drive In

Uranium Drive-In, a film about a rural town struggling with the pros and cons of an extractive economy, it is about finding the strength to solve complex problems by standing in someone else’s shoes.

A panel discussion will follow about how the issues in the film parallel some of our local issues, and to talk about how we, too, might approach economic and environmental issues in our own community.

This is a FREE EVENT sponsored by Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund and the Laguna-Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment.

THINK OUTSIDE THE MINE – 4th Annual Uranium Documentary Film Festival, July 15 and July 17, Laguna Pueblo

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Uranium Tailings Spill Commemoration – July 18

Join the Red Water Pond Road Community to commemorate 36 years since the uranium tailings spill. We will walk to the site of the spill and offer healing prayers. Food, speeches, t-shirts, silent auction and educational materials. grab 2

Getting Beyond the Hype: A Critical Review of the Economic Impacts of the Proposed Roca Honda Uranium Mine

Getting Beyond the Hype: A Critical Review of the Economic Impacts of the Proposed Roca Honda Uranium Mine

A report prepared for the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment April 11, 2014

By  Power Consulting, Inc. www.powereconconsulting.com

Roca Honda Resources LLC has proposed a uranium development project that would involve a mine in the vicinity of the city of Grants, New Mexico. The uranium mine would make use of Cibola National Forest land and Roca Honda Resources has submitted a mining proposal to the U.S. Forest Service for approval. Power Consulting, Inc. was asked by the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) to review the economic impacts that the proponents of the proposed Roca Honda Mine have claimed will result if that mine is built and operated. Those claimed impacts, as described by the mine’s proponents, are exclusively positive, including new employment, wages and salaries, and revenues to state and local governments that would be directly and indirectly associated with the proposed Roca Honda Mine.

Click here to download a pdf of the Getting Beyond the Hype report:  Roca Honda Mine Economic Study Final

Click here to download a pdf of the Executive Summary of the Getting Beyond the Hype report: Executive Summary Roca Honda Econ Study