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Draft Letter/Comments on DP-200

This draft letter is provided as a guide to help you or your organization create your own message about the Discharge Permit 200 for the April 29 Hearing. Please feel free to modify the letter so it works for you.  Remember to submit your letter by April 29. Thank you!

I believe, OR NAME OF ORGANIZATION believes the Discharge Permit DP-200 proposed for the Homestake-Barrick Gold Mining Company Uranium Mill Site contains a number of problems.

This matter is vital to New Mexico because the state needs every drop of water it can get. This contaminated Superfund site needs to be cleaned up in order to restore precious waters. Unfortunately, the discharge permit proposed neither stops the current contamination nor commits adequate and proven resources to a full cleanup of the site.

Click here to download the Draft Comments/letter on DP 200: Draft Letter/Comments on DP-200